What is COBs LED

This is a COBs LED used in vehicle front lights showed as above. COB provides high source of light result, each chip could reach 2000-3000 lumen. COB light-spot is a complete surface source of light yet not a linear light. Even it utilizes ceramics with excellent thermal conductivity or superconducting light weight aluminum as the substrate, bordering the radiant location right into strips, as a result of the restrictions of the bundle, COB LEDs still can not attain the application objectives on automobile lights for little dimension, high current and high integrity.


The auto led front lights made use of COBs LED, is easy to triggered scatted light when the emitted-light surpass the central light sending out location of 1-1.2 mm, due to the fact that its light giving off surface area is bigger excessive compared to halogen filament. That could not raise effective lighting driving on road; however will create stunning to approaching website traffic. Although the price of COBs LED headlight is cheap, the light beam is poor, it is not reliable working in high present for long period of time.

FR4 vs. Aluminum PCB using in vehicle lighting

Price Comparison In the cost comparison, the Aluminum PCB is a lot more expensive compared to FR4, as well as more premium in performance. Thermally Conductivity Comparison Light weight aluminum PCB has a great capacity of thermally conductivity than FR4 that makes them play an important function on LED lighting technology. Innovation Practices The thermal conductivity dielectric product of Aluminum PCB is a thermal bridge that attaches the elements as well as steel plate. It can move heat to the heat sink through the core automatically. An Aluminum backed PCB is assembled with aluminum backing, very thermally conductive dielectric layer as well as standard circuit layer. The circuit layer is a thin PCB bonding to the light weight aluminum support. As for FR4 PCB, it takes typical machining techniques: exploration, directing, v-scoring, countersink counterbore. So it needs an added heat sink to carry out warmth in from the circuit layer. Or it will certainly a potential destructive hotspots.ou.

Just What is CPS LED

CSP Led is a chip made by chip-scale bundle (CSP), which is a sort of incorporated circuit package.The size of CSP led is 2mm * 1.6 mm. LUMILEDS LUXEON ZES as well as SEOUL Semiconductor Z8Y11 are one of the most preferred CSP chips on application. CSP is based on flip chips modern technology, CSP is make LED smaller sized dimension with very same power. CSP's are typically built making use of a lead frame, in which numerous devices can be had on the exact same substrate, enabling the setting up of several bundles wholesale. Doing so maximizes using interposer area. A regular chip range product packaging procedure starts with the placing of the die on the interposer making use of epoxy, usually of non-conductive kind (although conductive epoxy is likewise made use of when the die backside should be connected to the circuit). The die is then wirebonded to the interposer making use of gold or light weight aluminum cables. Because the process circulation of CSP light grains is intricate and fragile, its manufacturing price and also application cost are relatively high. CSP could be created on led headlight light bulb to simulate the halogen filaments effectively. As well as A collection of CSP LED headlight can deals over 4000 lumen result.

Light weight aluminum PCB vs.Copper PCB, Advantages and disadvantages

Cost Comparison

The copper PCB is the most pricey types in steel core printed circuit board. The thermal conductivity is better than aluminum PCB, this is generally made use of in high frequency circuit style.


Thermally Conductivity Comparison

The thermal conductivity of copper PCB is double higher than that of light weight aluminum PCB. The greater the thermally conductivity is, the higher transfer performance is as well as the far better thermal diffusivity is. Copper PCB needs a thick copper foil for its big existing bring capacity.


Technology Practices

As copper PCB is called for to have a terrific current carrying, a thick copper foil is needed, normally, the thickness is 35μm ~ 280μm. A heavy copper PCB is created similarly by engraving thick copper dressed laminated board product. It used layering modern technology and also a mix of plating and etching to create the heavy copper attributes that causes trace sidewalls as well as ignorable damaging. Copper PCB could be engraved fancy pattern and also refined into a convex platform. The elements can connected on the system to attain the effect of excellent grounding as well as warmth dissipation.more about you.